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The attractions of Cyclomaniacs

Join the exciting races in the game

Cyclomaniacs offers many thrilling races among cartoon characters. Try to ride a bike faster to become the first to reach the finish line to get three medals.

If you love exciting bike races, you can join this game. There are many races held. You can compete fairly to be the champion. You will support your character to complete the track. If you become the first to finish, you will receive three medals. They are a noble reward for you. The number of gold medals will drop down according to your rank. If you are the second to finish, you will receive two medals. You will not get any medals if you are not one of the three to finish first. As a result, you will have to play the level again until you can get the medal.

In addition, the races will be extremely dramatic with the participation of many other competitors. They are also trying to reach the finish line. You have to work harder than them if you want to win.

How to control

W or the up arrow key to accelerate.

S or the down arrow key to decelerate.

A or the left arrow key to lean back.

D to the right arrow key to lean forward.

X or the spacebar to bunny hop.

Some highlights of Cyclomaniacs

Some remarkable characters

In the game, you can choose one of the characters, such as Robotjam, Cycle King, Crouching Badger, Mr.C, The Wheel, etc. There are many characters in this game. Each character will have more characteristics and advantages. Their description is also clear. You can choose the right character to start the race. If you want to unlock the characters, you have to try to earn a lot of medals. The more medals you have, the more chances you have to unlock the character.

The exciting race venues

The game offers a lot of race venues. They include Dunes, Sunset Cities, Volcania, Outlands, Moon, and Planetoid. Each race venue will have many different levels. Besides, you can experience the different race tracks at race venues. They are so exciting. If you want to join all of them, you need to conquer the levels in each race venue. After unlocking all the levels in the first race venue, you can unlock the next race venue. Try to unlock them all and get more gold medals. Good luck.