Cycling Hero

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Participate in the exciting race in Cycling Hero

The game rules

Cycling Hero offers an intense race among four racers. To become the champion, you ride a bike faster than others and get many scores by bumping your enemies.

You will join the bike race and compete with three other people. You need to ride faster than them to be able to win. You will get more points if you overcome many obstacles while overcoming your opponent. In addition, your score will also increase significantly if you conquer the long distance.

Besides, while conquering the track, you also need to ensure the safety of your character. He cannot fall from the car. He only has three lives. If you use all three of these lives, your character will not be able to continue the race. You will have to start from scratch. Please stay safe and be careful with obstacles.

How to ride a bike

The right arrow key to accelerate.

The left arrow key to decelerate.

The up and down arrow keys to tilt.

Some tactics to win in Cycling Hero

To be a hero on the track, you need to come up with some wise strategies. You can also follow some tips below. You should remember that you don't have too many lives. Therefore, you need to be careful so that your character does not fall. Slow down to speed through dangerous terrain.

In addition, you need to tilt your character all the time. You must ensure that your bike is always balanced. As a result, you can stay on the race track longer. Then, let's try your best to bump your opponents. If you knock them down, you can get a large number of scores. It is one of the best ways to get the highest score.