Cyber Soldier

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Join the thrilling battle in Cyber Soldier

The mechanics of the game

Cyber Soldier offers an intense battle between a soldier and many enemies. Assist your character in defeating all opponents and collecting coins.

This fierce battle occurred due to the invasion of strange creatures. They are like rebellious robots. They are plotting to take over the planet. You need to stop their plot to save the planet.

In the game, your opponents can use weapons. They can shoot bullets at you. They are also equipped with many other features aimed at defeating you. So you have to kill them before they do. You also need to take caution to avoid running out of energy. You will lose when there is no energy left. While fighting other opponents, you have to focus to defeat them because they are made of iron and steel. They are well protected under the armor. So be patient when fighting. You will succeed when all your opponents are destroyed.

How to control

WASD to move.

L and X to shoot.

K and Z to attack.

The tips and tricks to win in Cyber Soldier

Your character can flexibly use special moves to defeat the enemy. You can use guns to defeat characters at a distance. Using a gun will help you reduce the risk. However, you will need to shoot multiple times to remove the opponent from the playing field. Additionally, if you approach an opponent, you should attack them. As a result, they will be knocked down quickly.

In addition, you also exchange your character if you have enough coins. So, let's try to collect as many gold coins as possible to purchase them. The new soldier owns the better move. Therefore, you can play the game easily.