Cubes 2048.io

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The appeal of Cubes 2048.io

Enjoy Cubes 2048.io to check your controlling skills. Navigate your character to eat many same cubes to size up and clean the weak enemies in the playing field.

Your character in the game will be a cube. But after eating more cubes, it will size up. It's like a snake running around the playground. You will control it to collect cubes fixed on the playing field. The more cubes you collect, the more your character size up. It will gradually get bigger. Besides, you can also use another way to help your character size up. You can eat the others who are smaller than your character's size. Then, your character will be bigger quickly.

When trying to size up your character, you also need to focus on the bigger ones. They can defeat you and kick you from the playing field. You need to control your character to avoid colliding with them. Try your best to size up your character until it reaches 2048.

Controls in Cubes 2048.io

It is the io game, so you may face many enemies. They will test your control and agility. You need to dodge powerful opponents by moving the mouse. If you want to run away from them, hold the left mouse button to speed up. You can also get many small cubes if you speed up and defeat them. The game does not have too many operations. So you can master the game after a few turns. You can also come up with many clever strategies to defeat other enemies on the playing field.