Crazy Runner

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The race track in Crazy Runner

The obstacles on the track

Crazy Runner offers an amazing race with a chubby guy. You will help him to avoid colliding with blocking obstacles and means of transportation.

On this track, there are many dangerous obstacles. They are the rocks that block your way. The tires are also stacked on the road. They prevent you from succeeding. You need to control your character to be able to overcome them. You need to jump up as soon as you get close to them. If you stumble by these obstacles, you lose instantly.

In addition, there are many other obstacles such as bombs. They will explode as soon as your character touches them. Be careful with them unless you will lose the game. Besides, if you see hamburgers, you are not allowed to collect them either. They do not threaten your character's life. However, they will reduce your speed. So, you will not earn many points because your score will be proportional to the distance you travel.

Some means of transportation

Besides the dynamic obstacles, there are also moving obstacles. They are cars, trucks. They rush towards you at high speed which forces you to react quickly to dodge. Do not crash into them to be able to conquer longer distances. You can hone your skills through Dirt Bike Racing Duel. Once you have become a master, you can absolutely win.

Ways to win in Crazy Runner


To navigate your character, you will use the left mouse button to help him to jump over the obstacles. You cannot control your character's speed directly. So, let's focus on your skills to dodge the obstacles.

Some tactics

  • When facing cars, you should not jump too early. If you land in the car, you will lose. You must overcome them completely.
  • Do not collect the hamburger to reach as far as possible.
  • Train your skills with the game many times. You can get more experience and valuable lessons.