Cosmic Racer 3D

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Join the thrilling track in Cosmic Racer 3D

Control the spaceship to pass the level

Participate in Cosmic Racer 3D to control your spaceship. You need to fly further distance while avoiding many hazardous obstacles and complete the level.

A great race track is waiting for you. In this game, you will be conquering tunnels in space where many spaceships are flying. You will control a spaceship to collect as many atoms as possible. After you collect the required number of atoms, you will complete the race. However, you are not allowed to rush into other spaceships. If you crash into them too many times, your spaceship will be damaged. It will crack and explode. As a result, you are forced to stop the game. Therefore, caution is an important factor for your success. You will also learn some skills while playing this game. If you are a master in this game, you should also try other fierce races. Scary Wheels is one of the games with challenging race tracks. Are you brave enough to conquer it?

How to control

W or up arrow key to speed up.

S or down arrow key to slow down.

A or left arrow key to turn left.

D or right arrow key to turn right.

Some kinds of icons in Cosmic Racer 3D

While navigating the spaceship, you will see a variety of icons. They allow you to pass. However, each type of icon will have its own functions. You need to understand them well to be successful.

  • The red icons: They do a lot of damage to your spaceship. They will create many cracks in the hull. So you need to avoid them unless you will lose.
  • The green icons: These icons are very useful for your spaceship. They can give your ship plenty of power and fill your tank with fuel. You will go further thanks to them.
  • The blue icons: You also do not miss the blue icons because your spaceship can be strengthened.