Construct A Bridge

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How to Construct A Bridge

Connect dots and add lines

Become a bridge engineer in Construct A Bridge to build the most solid bridge. You need to build a strong bridge so that the car can overcome the river.

Building bridges is a tough job. It requires you to have qualifications and knowledge. You must ensure the stability of the bridge. To do that, you need to build a bridge with a good structure so that it does not collapse. So you need to think of the best way to build your bridge.

Before your truck crosses the bridge, you need to connect the dots. You can connect or create multiple dots to create a solid bridge. Good luck.

Fix the bridge

If your bridge collapses when the truck crosses, you can build a new bridge. However, to save time, you can fix it. You use the scissors icon to delete lines. If you want to add lines, you can click the line icon. You can figure out the best way to build a bridge. Try to help the truck cross the bridge.

Some features of Construct A Bridge

In the game, each level will have different gaps. The gaps are also different. You need to depend on the terrain to build the best bridge.

In addition, the amount of money to build bridges is also limited. For each level, you will receive a different amount. You can only use it to build bridges. Each different line segment will correspond to a different amount. You need to build sensibly so as not to use up all the money. It is said that the game requires you to balance bridge construction and financial management.