Clean Road

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The overview of Clean Road

Clean Road offers a novel driving game. To win the game, you will drive a snow removal truck and pave the way for other trucks to cross the road safely.

Snowfall causes traffic jams. A lot of roads are paralyzed. Vehicles cannot go beyond routes with heavy snowfall. So you have to clear the way to help the pickup trucks cross the road.

In the game, you will control the snowmobile. You will create a path without snow so that the pickup trucks can pass. Please clear the path to complete the mission. Then, you can get a lot of coins. Good luck.

The game has many levels for you. You need to pass the level and move to the following levels. How many levels can you pass? The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. You need to pay attention to be able to complete the task excellently. Driving a snow removal vehicle will bring you many exciting experiences.

Controls in Clean Road

You will use the mouse to control your snow removal vehicle. Hold and drag the left mouse button to gather the snow. Then the path will appear. You also need to push the wooden bars blocking the way of the pickup trucks so they can rush to the main road. Dead pickup trucks will go right behind you. So, you will become a good leader. Let's try your best to complete the level.