Cave Buster

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The thrilling cave in Cave Buster

Some challenges

Explore the Cave Buster with an alien to check your bravery. The game requests you to navigate your character to avoid crashing into obstacles and go further.

Dangerous caves are waiting for you to explore. There are many deadly traps and obstacles blocking your way. You will have to jump over the spikes. They can cause your character to lose his life instantly. Additionally, there are a lot of big gaps. If you fall down, you will lose more of your life. In addition, lava is also your top threat. You have to jump over them quickly so as not to burn to death. You should remember that you only have three lives. If all three lives are used up, the game is over.

To be able to continue to conquer and explore the cave, you must guide the aliens from left to right. Continue through other scary tracks. How far can you go?

How to control

WASD to move.

The spacebar to jump.

Double the spacebar to jump high.

Some traits of Cave Buster

This deadly cave will increase the number of obstacles. You will encounter more gaps and lava. In addition, you may be threatened by small monsters in the cave. You need to be calm to overcome them. Next, the game limits your life. So, you need to use them effectively to reach the longest distance. If you are an adventurer, you do not miss this game. The game is suitable for everyone. You can invite your friends to join it. Let's explore the deadly cave. Try your best to win.