Car Out

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The appeal of Car Out

Welcome to Car Out which is an amusing puzzle game. In the parking lot, you need to rearrange or move other vehicles and then your car can go out.

If you are too familiar with fierce races or intense competitions, you can relax with this game. You do not need to control the car to race or compete with others. Your task is very simple. You can complete them and get 10 coins after winning.

In the parking area, there are many cars lined up. They block the exit. Therefore, you need to move them to create an exit for your car which is a color car. The parking area is quite small, so you need to figure out the best way to arrange other cars. Try to brainstorm to help your car go out. You can move to the following levels with increasing difficulty. You will train your brain with many challenging levels. How many levels can you finish? Join the game now to check your skills.

Some tricks and tips for you in Car Out

The number of cars in the parking area will increase gradually through the levels. Therefore, you need to come up with a way to win. It is best if you can move the cars in turn. Then, you can realize the empty space. You will focus on the empty space to arrange the cars.

Besides, the cars have different sizes. They create many difficulties for you. You should move cars with smaller sizes first. They will create more free space. Then you need to move the big cars.