Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

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About Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

The gameplay

Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure tells about the dramatic adventure of a monster car. Reach the finish line by overcoming a lot of obstacles and get many coins.

Have you driven a monstrously shaped vehicle like this one? The vehicle is shaped like a monster with a fork in the front. They are the weapon of the car because on the track it will face a lot of dangers. Firstly, you will need to conquer the sea track. There are countless obstacles waiting for you. They can cause you to roll over at any time. These shurikens are very dangerous so be careful. In addition, other monsters are also stalking you. It may take time to remove them from the track. Be patient until you can reach the finish line.

Next, you also need to collect many gems. They are placed along the track. You can gather all of them to purchase gadgets and upgrades. These gems are extremely important. You shouldn't miss any gems. If you finish the game, you can play Moto X3M.

How to control

The up arrow key and W to gas.

The down arrow key and S to brake.

The left arrow key and A to turn left.

The right arrow key and D to turn right.

The spacebar to bomb.

X and the Shift to turbo.

The upgrades and gadgets in Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

The upgrades

  • Armor: When you purchase this upgrade, your character will be protected from dangerous obstacles. It will not be defeated easily. You should buy it to exist on the playing field.
  • Turbo: The power of the car will be boosted. So, it can ruin a lot of obstacles on the track. Try your best to reach the finish line.
  • Speed: Your car's speed will increase. You can select it to complete the level quickly.
  • Damage: When you crush the obstacles and enemies, your damage will rise up thanks to these upgrades.

The Gadgets

Firstly, the Missile Launcher will help you launch rockets forward to eliminate the obstacles in front of you. You can clean up your track using it. Next, if you want to freeze your enemies, you can use Freeze Ray. As a result, they cannot move and attack you. The Magnet will help you to collect many gems on the track. Finally, you can eliminate many rivals at the same time with Bomb Replicator. Good luck!