Cannon Shot

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The mechanics of Cannon Shot

Welcome to Cannon Shot where you can train your shooting skills with a cannon. You need to fill the pot by shooting all the balls into it accurately.

In the cannon, there will be 36 balls available. The game requires you to shoot at least 20 balls into the pot. You are not allowed to let any balls fall out. If you have 20 balls in the pot, you will get one star. However, if you want to get more stars, you need to shoot all the balls in the cannon into the pot. If you complete your mission, you will get three stars. This is the greatest reward for your efforts.

Playing the game can help you train your shooting skills. Then, you may win in other shooting games. You should not miss this game because it is really easy to play. You can completely understand the rules of the game right from the first try.

Some obstacles and power-ups in Cannon Shot

First, you will face a lot of obstacles. They can be moving platforms. They will block the pots. So your ball will probably fall out. Moreover, they move very fast causing many difficulties for you. You need to be careful not to drop the ball. They have a lot of other obstacles waiting for you.

Next, you should take advantage of bouncing platforms as a power-up. They can help you. Thanks to them, you can fill the pot faster. Balls that are shot at the platform will directly fall into the pot.