Candy Pop

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How to complete the level in Candy Pop

Achieve scores in Candy Pop to complete the level. You have to complete the target before your moves run out by matching at least three same candies.

Do you like sweet candies? Sweet candies will help you relieve stress. Sweets will improve your mood. However, if you are afraid of getting fat if you eat a lot of sweets, you can play this game. The game also has a lot of sweets for you. These cute sweet candies are made just for you.

In the game, your task is to match the same sweets. You need to match three or more similar sweets to get more points. After the same candies are matched, they will disappear, and new candies will appear. Continue your work to get a large number of scores.

You should also note that your number of moves is limited. You need to try to get the required score before you use all moves. If you can't complete the level, you have to play again to win. Try your best to unlock as many levels as possible.

The best tactics to win Candy Pop

Mach many candies at the same times

It is best if you can match multiple same candies at once. You will get more points. So you will complete the target quickly. When you match multiple candies at the same time, you can save your moves. You will never lose. This is the best way for you. You should apply it to pass the level.

Take advantage of the special candies

After you match many similar candies simultaneously, you can get a lot of special candies. These candies can help you get rid of more candies. They can cause candies in horizontal or vertical rows to disappear. Even a large area will be cleaned up. As a result, you can get the highest scores.