Bubble Master

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What is Bubble Master

Bubble Master is an amusing bubble shooter game. You need to shoot and match at least three of the same color bubbles before they reach the bottom.

The game gives you hours of relaxation. You can relieve your stress after playing the game. It is said that the game is so exciting. While playing the game, you can train your shooting skills. You will be a sniper master if you play this game often. All efforts will be rewarded. So you should join the game now and become one of the excellent players of the game.

Your task in this game is very simple. You will adjust the direction of the shot and shoot the bubbles. Remember that you can only pop them if you shoot at locations where there are three or more of the same bubbles. You need to clean them up as quickly as possible. If you remove them too slowly, they will gradually move toward your cannon. When they reach the bottom, you will lose. Try your best to get the highest scores.

How to break the record in Bubble Master

The game has no time limit, so you can play it for a long time. You will stop the game if the bubbles reach the bottom. In order to beat your record every time you play the game, you should take advantage of the appearance of light bubbles. It will eliminate other bubbles in its orbit. So a large number of bubbles will be destroyed. In addition, you can also use bombs to remove multiple bubbles at once. You also can see the special bubbles which can multiplier your scores. However, it can appear in a short time. Therefore, you must shoot them with high accuracy.