Brain For Monster Truck

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Some exciting missions in Brain For Monster Truck Brings

Draw the path

Brain For Monster Truck Brings a lot of tricky puzzles. You need to draw a flat path that the truck can overcome easily without dropping the wooden box.

Let's join this fun brain hack game. You will find the best solution to ensure the completion of all your tasks. In the first mission, you need to use your drawing skill to create a track. You will connect the platforms together to form a path. The truck will cross this road. So you need to draw carefully to create the smoothest way.

Control the truck

After you have finished drawing the road, you will use the left and right arrow keys to control your truck. You can accelerate and decelerate. Be careful not to drop the wooden crate behind the vehicle. If the crate is dropped before it reaches the finish line, you lose. The game requires ingenuity if you want to reach the finish line safely. You need to move carefully to be able to win. Also, if you previously drew a flat path, you can cross it quickly without dropping the wooden box. Good luck.

Collect three stars

You also need to collect all three stars before reaching the finish line. They are rewards for your efforts. They also indicate your dexterity and driving talent. Try your best to win.

Some tactics to win in Brain For Monster Truck Brings

Drive slowly on the track

As you know, you will be carrying a wooden crate in the back of the truck. You need to be careful unless the crate falls. Driving slowly is the best and safest way for you. You can observe and handle it in time. So you can reach the finish line successfully.

Miss a star to avoid the risk

Sometimes, getting all the stars forces you to draw bumpy and dangerous roads. You can miss a star to create a flatter path. You can still move to the following level when you collect 2 stars. Please consider carefully before drawing the track.