Bionic Race

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The fantastic race in Bionic Race

Some exciting missions

Bionic Race is a marvelous running game. Your character can run or fly to avoid many hazardous obstacles and collect a large number of gold coins.

Your first task in the game is to control a bionic man. He needs your help to run as far as possible. You will directly navigate him to be able to go as far as possible. Next, your second task is to avoid the obstacles on the road. You can fly over them because the bionic man is equipped with a jet in the back. So he can easily fly over them. You need to be careful not to collide with any obstacles. Every mistake leads to bad results. Your final task is to collect gold coins. Do not miss them. You will probably get more gold coins if you are skillful enough.

Have you ever participated in an exciting race? It can be said that the game gives you moments of relaxation if you join this race. Are you ready to race and challenge yourself? The attractive running game is waiting for you.

Some kinds of obstacles on the track

The game has two main types of obstacles. Firstly, you will face the cog gears. They appear more in the following races. The further you go, the more cogs you will face. You have to be careful not to collide with them. Train your amazing skills to dodge these obstacles. Moreover, you will see a lot of smoke columns. They can cause your character to lose his life. You need to fly over them. Your ingenuity will help the character go further. These two types of obstacles are challenging you. They are extremely dangerous. It is best if you can come up with some excellent strategies.

Controls in Bionic Race

In the game, your character will run automatically. You don't need to control his speed. You will help him fly or land. To fly higher, you need to hold the left mouse button. Take caution with the cogs placed at high. To run, you need to release the left mouse button. This simple gameplay makes the game more and more popular. Come join it and check your skills.