Big Wheels Monster Truck

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The overview of Big Wheels Monster Truck

The game rules

Conquer the bumpy race track in Big Wheels Monster Truck to become the winner. You need to reach the finish line to pass the level and gather coins.

Welcome to this exciting race track. This is a hot race track. You need to be careful to avoid the obstacles on the way. They can be wooden slats, wooden crates, or old cars. They block your way and can cause your car to overturn. If your car overturns, you will be trapped. You will not be able to continue even if your car is not blown up. You need to be careful not to get stuck. Good luck.

Besides the obstacles, the terrain of the track is also a challenge for you. You will face a bumpy and bumpy track. High ramps force you to accelerate to pass. You need to control the car skillfully to complete your mission. Reach the green flag to win and move to the following levels.

Finally, you need to collect as many coins as possible. The coins on the track can give you a chance to exchange the new car.

Control the car

Controls are so simple. You can accelerate by pressing the left arrow key or D. With the same keys, you also can tilt your car. Use them flexibly to win. In contrast, the game allows you to press the right arrow key or A to decelerate and tilt back. If you are stuck, you can press R to reload. Play the level until you can complete the track.

The remarkable features of Big Wheels Monster Truck

The new cars

When you collect a lot of gold coins, you can exchange them for new cars. They have many more excellent properties. If you own new cars, you can conquer this track faster. You should accumulate enough gold coins to buy them. There are many new vehicles available in the store. Can you unlock them all?

Many challenging levels

In the game, there are a lot of levels. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through the levels. You will face more dangers. There are many obstacles waiting for you ahead. If you are a professional driver, let's show your skills. You can also invite your friends to join the game. Determine the champion with the most levels unlocked.