Bicycle Stunt 3D

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Explore the race track in Bicycle Stunt 3D

Avoid the obstacles on the track

Conquer a hazardous race track in Bicycle Stunt 3D to become the best rider. Your mission is to go as far as possible while trying to gather coins.

You often participate in races on the ground, right? Have you ever tried cycling on the rooftops of buildings? If you want to challenge yourself with this thrilling race, you can join the game right away.

Your track is on the rooftop of high-rise buildings. It is quite dangerous. As you know, the distance between buildings creates gaps. If you want to cross them, you have to cross a small bridge. If you are not focused, you may fall down. In addition, there are also many other obstacles on the track such as water pipes, spikes, hot air balloons, wood, etc. They block your way. So you need to control the bike to jump over them. Continue your journey to earn more gold coins. The further you go, the more gold coins you have.

Collect many coins

Although you have to face quite a lot of danger, you can earn a lot of gold coins. The gold coins are placed on the track. You can take them. When taking them, you need to be careful with the obstacles. They can create traps to make your character fall. You can also earn more gold coins thanks to the distance you have conquered. Then, you can get a lot of coins. If you have enough coins, you can use them to purchase other bikes. There are a lot of bikes with many colors. You can purchase them now. If you are keen on racing games, you should join Wheelie Bike.

Controls the bicycle in Bicycle Stunt 3D

W or the up arrow key to jump over.

D or the right arrow key to go forward.