Age Wars Idle

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Some exciting missions in Age Wars Idle

Age Wars Idle is a running game combined with combat. Control your primitive man to collect many rocks while running and defeat others to get coins.

Run and collect many rocks

You will conquer the endless track with a primitive man character. While running on the track, you need to navigate your character to be able to pick up as many rocky balls as possible. They will be your weapon to fight with others.

While running, you need to pay attention that the track does not have any walls. It can cause your character to fall down at any time. You need to be careful not to fall. Let's go to the middle of the track.

Eliminate many enemies

After you have a lot of rocky balls, you can throw them at your opponent. They will be defeated shortly after. If you find the opponent too strong, you can switch lanes to avoid them. If you keep trying to hit them, they can cost you your life. Be careful with opponents stronger than you.

If you beat many opponents, you will have more coins. You can use them to buy upgrades. They include Profit, Weapon, and Age Stone. You can complete the game with an impressive score thanks to them.

Controls the character in Age Wars Idle

Your character will run automatically. You hold and drag the left mouse button to navigate your character. Let's exchange lanes to avoid dangers. In addition, the stone will be thrown automatically. You do not press any keys. The game is suitable for everyone. You can invite others to join the game. Let's compete fairly to determine the winner. Good luck!